The event „Port IE cu mândrie”, organized by the Moldavians from Cantabria

The association „Din Inima Diasporei Unite” brought together folklore lovers from Cantabria (Spain) at the 3rd edition of the gala „Port IE cu mândrie”, organized on June 18. 

More than 100 citizens from the diaspora put on the most valuable coat in the wardrobe - IA and showed, together with their families, on an improvised catwalk, being greeted with bread and salt. 

„We have roots that cannot be cut or forgotten. We have a culture without which we would lose the human values that were passed down to us from our ancestors. What we do today is the education of our children, it is their respect towards us, towards our country, towards our parents. If we do not inculcate these values in them, as adults they will not be able to find themselves in any nation. Our people everywhere are esteemed, appreciated and loved, it remains only for us to do it: to love ourselves” - said at the opening of the gala, Ludmila Gaber Stratan, president of the „Din Inima Diasporei Unite” association. 

Guests enjoyed music and dance recitals by local artists and ensembles and had the opportunity to enter two competitions, which awarded prizes for the most delicious pies and the most successful fruit composition. They also had the opportunity to purchase organic blueberries grown by Andriana Caraman from Bessarabia and the artisan candies produced by the Romanov family both in the Republic of Moldova and in Spain. The guests of the event were the members of the „Balada” Cultural Center (Provincia Asturias), who presented a suite of dances. 

The „ Port IE cu mândrie” gala is the first event organized by the association „Din Inima Diasporei Unite”, in 2021, on Holy Sunday. 

You can find more photos from the event on the association's page: